Rakta Charitra (2010)

22 October 2010 | 123 minutes | Action | Biography | Crime

Rakta Charitra

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Part 1 of the two film series focuses on the decaying relationship between Narsimha and Veerabhadra and Pratap’s rise to power.



Narsimha Reddy is a politician who has complete control over his constituency. Hia trusted aide Veerabhadra (Rajendra Gupta) is a man Narsimha trusts implicitly and encourages him to rise in the political ranks as well. Nagamuni Reddy becomes envious of the relationship between the two men and attempts to poison it. He turns Narsimha against Veerabhadra and convinces him to dissuade Veerabhadra from contesting the elections. Veerabhadra however, goes against Narsimha’s wishes. Nagamuni brainwashes one of Veerabhadra’s own man, Manda into killing him. Veerabhadra son Shankar wants to avenge the murder of his father. Nagamuni’s son Bukka (Abhimanyu Singh) gets in his way. He picks out each of Shankar’s men and subjects them to intricate varieties of torture and murder. Shankar’s brother Pratap (Vivek Oberoi) is summoned to the village after his brother’s death in an arranged encounter. Pratap kills and assaults several policemen and goes into hiding. Pratap goes on a killing spree. He personally murders Narsimha, Manda and Nagamuni. Bukka takes over his father’s rule. Shivaji Rao (Shatrughna Sinha), an emerging politician enlists Pratap’s help to eliminate this competition. They are joined by Babu Quadri, whose sister was raped by Bukka. The three of them unite resources and contest the elections against Bukka and win them. Bukka goes into hiding to prevent arrest but Babu Quadri finds him and finally avenges his sister’s suicide. Pratap invites all the underworld kingpins in his state and asserts his dominance over them now that he is a legal and powerful politician.

Company Credits

Studio: Cinergy
Distributed By: Vistaar Religare Film Fund

Box Office

Net: Rs 9.04 Crores

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