Rakta Charitra - II (2010)

3 December 2010 | 121 minutes | Action | Biography | Drama


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The second part of the two film series focuses on the enmity between Pratap and Surya. Pratap is the sole emperor of Andhra’s under and political world and Surya has sworn revenge to destroy him to avenge the death of his family.



Pratap (Vivek Oberoi) has now total control over the state of Andhra. However, Surya Reddy (Suriya) wants revenge for the bomb explosion Pratap allegedly planted in his home. He makes an attempt to burn Pratap’s convoy but Pratap manages to escape. Angered, Pratap swears retribution. Surya gives in to the police in exchange for protection for his wife and son and is sent to prison. Even in prison, Pratap tries to get Surya killed but Surya manages to thwart the attacks. The flashback shows how Surya’s mother and sister were killed in the bomb blast Pratap planned to kill Narsimha Reddy. Pratap goes to personally meet Surya in jail to call a ceasefire, to which Surya vehemently refuses and promises to earn his revenge by killing Pratap. A politician from the opposition party promises support to Surya’s cause and convinces him to make his wife Bhavani contest the elections to weaken Pratap’s political empire. Pratap plans to eliminate Bhavani (Priyamani) by killing her but is dissuaded. Pratap organises a meeting with all the political leaders in his state to discuss the proceedings of the elections and their campaign. Surya decides to use this opportunity to strike. He inserts one of his hitmen into Pratap’s contingent of body guards.The meeting ends and Pratap is ready to leave when he sees Surya blocking his armed with a gun. He shoots all the bullets into Pratap’s chest. A wide confusion is created by a tear gas explosion. Surya uses it to slip out of the commotion and back into prison. Back in prison, Surya is visited by the police inspector warning him against turning into another version of Pratap himself. Meanwhile, Pratap’s wife gives birth to his son.

Company Credits

Studio: Vistaar Religare Film Fund

Box Office

Net: Rs 3.86 Crores

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