Prem Kaa Game (2010)

26 March 2010 | 131 minutes | Comedy


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A sedate marriage gets too boring for an executive after a model moves in next door. But when his wife finds out about his extramarital fling, all hell breaks loose.



Jaggu (Salman Khan), the narrator introduces us to Prem Sahni (Arbaaz Khan), who is feeling the boredom after several years of marriage. Although he doesn’t profess to be one of the philandering kind, he misses the fun. When wife Sheetal Sahni (Tara Sharma) decides to take the daughter to the in-laws’ place in Mysore, Prem Sahni revels in the long leash. Added to the mix is the expat model, Twinkle Chopra (Madhuri Bhattacharya), who moves in next door and has the eyes for Prem. Prem’s own summertime fling with Twinkle is the harbinger of a general trend of men going astray. It even afflicts the owner of the apartment block, Roop Chand Rathod (Rakesh Bedi). But when Sheetal returns, she finds out about her husbands liaisons. Prem has to then decide what he wants more - the incandescent fun and excitement, or the love of his family.

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Studio: A K K Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Distributed By: A K K Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

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