Lamhaa (2010)

16 July 2010 | 135 minutes | Action | Thriller


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An Indian agent is sent incognito on a mission to Kashmir, to uncover a plot to destabilise the democratic process in the state. He must choose his friends carefully to succeed.



Vikram (Sanjay Dutt), an Indian special agent, is deputed to Jammu and Kashmir to infiltrate terrorist groups and combat their destructive agenda. On the day Vikram lands in Jammu & Kashmir, the machiavellian separatist leader, Haji (Anupam Kher) survives an attempt on his life. His first job, thus, becomes to investigate the connections between the planned terror attacks and the assassination attempt on Haji. He is helped by Aziza (Bipasha Basu), Haji’s young protege, who wants to help end the violence. She creates a bond with Vikram, as their shared will and vision is put to the test. Eventually, Vikram understands the true scale of the danger posed by state sponsored terrorism, but in the prevalent political climate, he must fight even harder to avert the danger.

Company Credits

Studio: G S Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 9.08 Crores

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