Isi Life Mein (2010)

24 December 2010 | 139 minutes | Drama


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A girl from Ajmer tricks her orthodox father into letting her study further in a Mumbai college, where a whole new world awaits her. But when the father finds about the deception, he finally does have his say.



Rajnandini Khandelwal (Sandeepa Dhar) is a bright girl from Ajmer who has topped her high school certification exams. But her dreams of studying further are dashed when her father Ravimohan (Mohnish Behl) decides it’s time to get her married. Rajnandini has no choice, till her mother, Pratibha (Prachi Shah), thinks up a plot to get her away to Mumbai, ostensibly to an aunt’s place to learn culinary skills in preparation for her eventual marriage. Covertly, Rajnandini enrols in a college and lives in a hostel. As part of extracurriculars at college, she joins the Dramatics Society, headed by Vivaan (Akshay Oberoi). He helps her blend into her new surroundings while she helps him get over his resentment towards his own dominating father. But as they get closer, Ravimohan gets wind of the going-ons when he comes to Mumbai and finds her not living with her aunt. He decides to take her back to Ajmer, to be married to the son of an associate. Vivaan doesn’t give up. He follows Rajnandini and her father all the way back to Ajmer, where he pleads with Ravimohan to at least let Rajnandini perform in their adaptation of The Taming Of The Shrew at the National Theatre Festival. Ravimohan refuses initially, even berating Vivaan’s disrespect for tradition. But eventually, bogged down by the dowry demands from the groom’s side, he comes to appreciate the goodness in him. At the last second, he realizes he was wrong and lets Vivaan marry Rajnandini.

Company Credits

Studio: Rajshri Productions Pvt Ltd
Distributed By: Rajshri Productions Pvt Ltd

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Net: Rs 1.65 Crores

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