Break Ke Baad (2010)

26 November 2010 | 118 minutes | Romance


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With a love that has blossomed so easily over childhood into the present, Abhay and Aaliya finally may have to work to keep their relationship going.



Abhay Gulati and Aaliya Khan have been inseparable since childhood. In the present, Abhay is stuck in the family business he detests and Aaliya is chasing her childhood dream of being an actress. Abhay is inclined to believe that he and Aaliya will be married in the future, but Aaliya doesn’t seem to plan that much into the future. Aaliy ais presented with an opportunity to study acting in Australia and she takes it. Abhay worries at first but lets her go. Following a drunken call, Abhay follows Aaliya to Australia. Aaliya gets annoyed to find Abhay next to her and berates his lack of trust in her. They start to grow apart. To earn money, Abhay opens up a food cart and it is an instant hit with the locals. He enters into the restaurant business with his roommates and garners wide success. Aaliya is soon spotted by a talent agent and signed onto a film. Her mother is furious about Aaliya taking such decisions without contemplating the after effects. Abhay breaks up with her too citing that he doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Aaliya realises her mistake and goes to India. Her mother calmly explains what she did wrong and sends her back to Australia to finish what she started. Aaliya and Abhay catch up over drinks and Aaliya coaxes Abhay to move on and find someone who can give him what he deserves. But when she actually hears about Abhay getting married in India, she rushes to confront him. She finds his house decorated and filled with guests. Making her way to his room, Aaliya begs Abhay to rethink his decision and choose her. Abhay shows her his wedding invitation that already has Aaliya’s name on it. The post credits scene show a pregnant Aaliya about a deliver a baby and then taking baby Sara home.

Company Credits

Studio: Kunal Kohli Productions
Distributed By: Reliance Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 17.64 Crores

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