Sankat City (2009)

10 July 2009 | 120 minutes | Comedy | Crime | Drama

Sankat City

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Two car thieves steal a luxury car and try to sell it to their usual associate, a hitman, who in turn notifies the car's real owner who happens to be his friend.



Guru (Kay Kay Menon) and Ganpat (Dilip Prabhavalkar) are petty thieves who make a living out of stealing and selling old, stolen cars. One day, they spot a Mercedes Benz with a bag of 10 million rupees in it, abandoned on an isolated highway. With Guru on the wheels, they take it to their hideout and begin searching for a perfect buyer. Out of their four usual associates, they choose to sell the car to Suleman Supari (Rahul Dev) because of the car's high value and him being an influential hitman. However, Suleman identifies the car right away and notifies his gangster friend Faujdar (Anupam Kher) about it. When Faujdar comes to inspect his car, he asks Guru about the money that he had accidentally left in it. That is when he realizes why Ganpat had suddenly received a call about his mother's ill health when he knows that he has no family.

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Studio: Moser Baer Entertainment Ltd, Seven Entertainment Ltd

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