Life Partner (2009)

14 August 2009 | 138 minutes | Comedy | Drama | Romance

Life Partner

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Two troubled couples are assured by a stiff-necked lawyer that divorce is the way to go



Karan (Fardeen Khan) is a young man working as an executive with a multinational company. He is in love with Sanjana (Genelia D'Souza), the beautiful, young daughter of a businessman. Her father would do anything to keep Sanjana happy; that is why he agrees when she insists on moving in with Karan to test their compatibility. Karan's friend Bhavesh (Tusshar Kapoor) is tired of his mother's constant nagging about marriage-hood. So as to put an end to the daily charade, he gathers courage and expresses his feelings to Prachi (Prachi Desai), who is a family friend's daughter. Prachi is influenced by Bhavesh's ideal lifestyle and flawlessness, and therefore, accepts his marriage proposal. They get married and soon they start to realize that matrimony is after all not a bed of roses. Few months into matrimony, Karan now hates Sanjana's uncompromising childish behavior, while Bhavesh is tired of settling the everyday fights between his father and Prachi. All hope is lost for Karan until his good friend Jeet (Govinda), a divorce lawyer, pitches him the evergreen idea of separation.

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Studio: Burmawala Partners, Studio 18

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