Fox (2009)

4 September 2009 | 145 minutes | Crime | Drama


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A disturbed criminal lawyer publishes a novel about serial killing, causing him to get arrested on suspicion.



Arjun Kapoor (Arjun Rampal) is a successful criminal lawyer with quite a reputation in the legal circles. However, his girlfriend and fellow lawyer Urvashi (Sagarika Ghatge) is unhappy with his unethical ways of helping known criminals and therefore, threatens to leave him. This does not affect Arjun as he continues to enjoy his profession. Once after winning a case involving his friend Raj Thakur (Vipul Gupta), Arjun is confronted by the victim's parents who curse him for being irresponsible. This causes him to introspect about his actions and the cases that he has been fighting and winning for the sake of money and fame. He realizes that Urvashi was right after all. Taking a sabbatical from work, Arjun moves to another city, where he meets and befriends Vivian McNamara (Vishwajeet Pradhan), a former lawyer. After noticing similarities in their life stories, Vivian hands Arjun a copy of his still unpublished novel about serial killing of five lawyers, titled 'Fix the Fox.' Impressed with the thrilling story, Arjun goes to Vivian's house the next day to return the book, only to be greeted by crime branch police officer Yashwant Deshmukh (Sunny Deol) who straightaway accuses Arjun of killing Vivian.

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Studio: Tijori Films Production, Zee Motion Pictures, Rohit Kumar Productions

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