Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge (2009)

6 March 2009 | 128 minutes | Comedy | Drama

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An aspiring filmmaker and a wannabe chartered accountant team up to con a Bollywood star by casting him in a fake film.



Raj (Paresh Rawal) is an aspirant. He has made few B-grade films using blown-off stories that he himself wrote, but has still not found success or stardom. This professional failure will also render him homeless, if he doesn’t find a way soon. So when he is recommended by his friend to cast famous Bollywood actor Aryan Kapoor (Sonu Sood), he tries to get hold of his manager, Ratan (Asrani). Meanwhile, chartered accountant Anand (Kunal Khemu) takes his girlfriend Neha (Soha Ali Khan) to a five-star restaurant in order to cheer her up on her birthday. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Ratan and Raj, who are meeting Aryan in the same restaurant, decide to put their bill on Anand’s tab. This results in Anand failing to pay the whole amount, and is eventually arrested. Now out on bail, Anand confronts Raj for cheating him. But Raj puts the blame on Aryan and asks Anand to help him out, so that together they can pilfer some money out of the actor. Anand agrees with the plan, as Raj contacts his team to start production on a fake film.

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Studio: UTV Motion Pictures

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