Chal Chalein (2009)

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Chal Chalein

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The suicide of an anxious student leads to his friends suing his and their respective parents and even the government for forcing students to do things according to their whims and fancies.



Majority of the students of Allahabad’s St. Joseph’s College spend their time attending lectures, coaching classes and finally returning home only to their parents demanding them to complete their homework, obtain good grades and become IAS officers. This hectic schedule and the pressure from his parent’s forces one student named Navneet Singh to commit suicide and this incident sparks a controversy as his friends approach Advocate Sanjay (Mithun Chakraborty) to sue not only Navneet’s but even their respective parents. The police refuse to register their complaint and Sanjay files this case in a Trial court and this time even adding the Government to the list of defendants. Over One Lakh nine thousand students voice their support to this case but the Government says that this is a personal issue and the parents retaliate by asserting that they only want a better education for their children. This leads to a nationwide debate and controversies. Will the parents sit up and take notice before it’s too late?

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Studio: Ankit Pictures

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