Acid Factory (2009)

9 October 2009 | 105 minutes | Action | Crime | Drama

Acid Factory

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Five men wake up inside a closed factory without any memory of how they got there nor any idea of a way out of it.



Five men - Romeo (Fardeen Khan), Sarthak (Aftab Shivdasani), Kaiser (Irrfan Khan), Sultan (Manoj Bajpai), and JD (Dino Morea) - find themselves trapped in a chemical factory. No one has ever met or seen each other except Sarthak and JD, who are business partners. When this fact is revealed, the other three start suspecting the duo to be the kidnappers. However, before they can start accusing each other, they receive an anonymous call, tipping them off about imminent deaths of two people. This causes them to panic as Kaiser convinces Romeo and Sultan that Sarthak and JD are, in fact, kidnappers and it could be any two of them who they are going to kill. To acquit himself from the accusations, JD begins narrating his life story and frames Sarthak as the bad guy.

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Studio: White Feather Films

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