Aagey Se Right (2009)

4 September 2009 | 117 minutes | Comedy | Crime | Drama

Aagey Se Right

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A faint-hearted policeman accidentally averts a major disaster and saves the city mayor's life when in reality he was just looking for his missing service gun, which is still untraceable.



Dinkar Waghmare (Shreyas Talpade) signed up to become a policeman because of two causes - one, his late father served all his life as a respected police constable, and two, his mother's niggling insistence. Now serving under the city's Police Commissioner, Dinkar wastes his time by lolling around at his precinct. One day, he finds that he has lost his service revolver somewhere in the police station. Searching for it, he ends up in a nearby gathering where the city mayor is delivering a speech. Unknown to the fact that there are hecklers getting ready to hurl stones at the speaker, Dinkar accidentally bangs on to them, creating a commotion amongst the audience. Thanking him for preventing a possible attack on him, the mayor congratulates Dinkar. Seeing him receive praise for his bravery, TV reporter Soniya Bhatt (Mahi Gill) positively responds to the courtship that Dinkar had been engaging her in since long. The only problem is that the revolver is still missing and might be in the wrong hands.

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Studio: UTV Motion Pictures

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