Om Shanti Om (2007)

9 November 2007 | 162 minutes | Action | Comedy | Drama

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A junior film artist is killed trying to save the actress whom he loves from a fire. Thirty years later, he is reborn & sets out to avenge her death.




Om Prakash Makhija (Shah Rukh Khan) is a junior artist in the 1970s film industry, hoping to make it big. He is infatuated by the famous actress Shantipriya (Deepika Padukone), but she is married to a film producer, Mukesh, and is expecting their first child. This absolutely crushes Om. Mukesh, after suffering a huge financial loss, lures Shantipriya to an abandoned studio and sets fire to it in a last-ditch attempt to protect his career. That is when Om tries to rescue her, but both are consumed by the flames. 30 years later, Om is reborn as the son of a Bollywood actor and is an actor himself. When his memories start flooding back, Om is determined to avenge the death of Shantipriya at the hands of Mukesh.

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Studio: Red Chillies Entertainment
Distributed By: Eros International

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