Zeher (2005)

25 March 2005 | 132 minutes | Thriller


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A police officer gets entangled in a murder case after he hands over the drug case money to his mistress.



Siddharth (Emran Hashmi) is an honest police officer, attached to the Goa police. He is married to his colleague and chief of the female police wing Sonia (Shamita Shetty). Since Sonia is always out on duty, Siddharth has grown closer to a friend, Anna (Udita Goswami). This has led to Sonia suspecting Siddharth of adultery, although he neglects his affairs. When Siddharth finds out that Anna is suffering from cancer, he hands over a recent case’s drug money to Anna so that she can get maximum medical support. He also learns that Anna’s husband is a wife-beater; so he tries to make things right by warning the husband. But all his efforts go in vain as Anna succumbs to burn injuries in a house fire. Feeling fishy over her death and the high amount that is involved in her insurance money, the Goa police assign Anna’s death case to Sonia. Fearing that Sonia might find out that he had had relation with and has also given drug money to Anna, Siddharth tries to deviate Sonia’s investigation. Siddharth also puts his own men in the investigation as skeletons start to tumble out of the cupboard.

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Studio: Vishesh Films

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