Paheli (2005)

24 June 2005 | 140 minutes | Romance

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A newly wed bride is visited by a man who looks exactly like her husband who is away on a five-year long assignment.




Lachchi (Rani Mukerji) is married off to Kishan (Shahrukh Khan), the son of a rich merchant Banwarlal (Anupam Kher). On the next day of their marriage, Kishan leaves for an assignment to another village and promises Lachchi that he will return in five years. An upset Lachchi doesn’t speak a word lest she bring disrespect to her in-laws, and starts to acclimatise with her new home. A day later, a man (Shahrukh Khan) arrives at her house, who looks exactly like Kishan. He acknowledges to Lachchi that he is a ghost who is smitten by her, and has now come to spend time with her on her husband’s absence. Saying this, he quickly creates a friendly aura at the house and lies to the guardian of the house that he returned from the assignment because he was offered a wish by a saint that will gift him five magical gold coins every morning when he gets up. A greedy Banwarlal believes him and embraces the idea. The ghost gets on with the life and makes love to Lachchi whenever she needs, also presenting five gold coins to Banwarlal every morning. He takes care of her for years until one day Lachchi becomes pregnant. They try to find a way to reveal this to the family, but all their plans go to waste when the original Kishan arrives at the village.

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Studio: Red Chillies Entertainment

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