No Entry (2005)

26 August 2005 | 158 minutes | Comedy | Drama | Music

No Entry

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Two married men try to spice up their lives by following the footsteps of a womanizer.



Kishen (Anil Kapoor) has a suspicious-minded wife, Kaajal (Lara Dutta), who thinks he is always having an affair with another woman, even though he is extremely faithful to her and wouldn't dream of betraying her in any way. He works in an insurance company along with his friend Shekhar (Fardeen Khan). Prem (Salman Khan), a womanizer, has the opposite situation. He is married to Pooja (Esha Deol), who seems to be very trusting, even though he has been having several affairs with numerous gorgeous women. He often advices Kishen to have some fun in life by sleeping with as many women as he wants because there’s only one life. Ridiculing his advice, Kishen tries to foil his escapades by threatening to send a picture of Prem with one of his girlfriends to Pooja. This forces Prem to send Bobby (Bipasha Basu), a high-profile call girl to seduce Kishen. She also meets Shekhar who accidentally fell in love with Sanjana (Celina Jaitley) and married her. Bobby succeeds in seducing both the men, and tries to extract money from them. Things go uphill when Kaajal finds out about Bobby, but Kishen tells her that Bobby is actually Shekhar’s wife, while Shekhar lies to Sanjana that Kaajal is Kishen’s wife who has got mental problems. A comedy of error follows when somehow Pooja finds out about her husband’s illicit love affairs.

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Studio: BSK Network & Entertainment, S K Films Enterprises, Sahara Movie Studios

Box Office

Net: Rs 43 Crores

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