Kyon Ki (2005)

3 November 2005 | 160 minutes | Drama | Romance

Kyon Ki

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A mentally disabled yet fun-loving patient forms a relationship with a doctor of the asylum he is being treated in.



(Salman Khan), a mentally unstable patient is brought to Sir Richard's Mental Sanatorium, which is headed by the strict Dr. Khurana (Om Puri). He is put on an aggressive routine with frequent shocks and heavy doses of medicine because of his mischief with fellow patients. However, Anand tricks the nurses and continues to be a mischievous patient, causing trouble to the staff of the asylum. One day, Dr. Tanvi Khurana (Kareena Kapoor), daughter of Dr. Khurana, meets Anand and learns about his condition. She empathises with him and puts him exclusively under her care. She tries to help him by revisiting the past so that she can adopt a different healing method. They are helped by fellow doctor Sunil (Jackie Shroff), who is originally a distant relative of Anand. Sunil remembers his days with a young, obstinate Anand who would play with him and ask him for presents. He narrates Anand’s heartbreaking love story to Tanvi, who then refuses to administer strong drugs to Anand despite her father’s orders. When Dr. Sunil tells Tanvi that Anand’s condition can only be alleviated if he forgets about his past and finds love all over again, Tanvi sets out to make it happen.

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Studio: Orion Pictures
Distributed By: Eros International

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Net: Rs 13.75 Crores

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