Kaal (2005)

29 April 2005 | 126 minutes | Thriller | Adventure

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A group of hunters and wildlife enthusiasts seek the help of a local guide Kaali to ascertain the presence of a ghost in the Orbit National Park of India.



When two British nationals are killed in the Orbit National Park of India under mysterious circumstances, National Geographic, the investigative wildlife magazine, sends two of its correspondents - Krish Thapar (John Abraham) and his wife Riya (Esha Deol) - to the park to find out the actual story. On a holiday trip in the park is also another group of youngsters consisting of Dev Malhotra (Vivek Oberoi), Ishika (Lara Dutta), Sajid (Kushal Punjabi), and Vishal (Vishal Malhotra). The two groups meet and together hike in the forests of the park. On their second day, a streak of tigers attack them, but are saved by a local guide called Kaali (Ajay Devgn). He uses a long stick to manipulate the tigers’ stances which makes the group regard Kaali as some sort of a trained master. Krish asks him about the killings of the two foreigners, and he then starts to narrate a story about an age old myth. It is about a guide who used to lure hunters to the tigers’ dens with the intention of getting them killed. When this affected tourism, villagers and other local guides got together, killed the guide and fed him to the tigers. And it is now his ghost that is haunting the forest and killing hunters. Panicked by this revelation, Riya and Ishika persuade everyone to get out of the park. But as the group tries to escape, Kaali goes missing and one-by-one, they start falling prey to the hunger of the kings of the forest.

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Studio: Dharma Productions
Distributed By: Dharma Productions

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