Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998)

15 July 1998 | 156 minutes | Romance | Comedy


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What starts off as a quest for claiming back a stolen boyfriend for Sanjana, soon turns into a conspiracy to hide a stolen necklace and ends up as an opportunity to find true love in Shekhar.



Everything is perfect in Sanjana’s (Kajol) life and she is engaged to be married. She lives in Paris with her boyfriend, Rahul. He leaves for a business trip to India but soon calls and tells Sanjana that he has met someone else and that he doesn’t wish to go ahead with the wedding. Sanjana decides to follow Rahul to India. In the airplane, Sanjana sits next to Shekhar (Ajay Devgan) who uses her fear of flying to create a commotion and hide a stolen necklace in Sanjana’s bag. Shekhar decides to be with Sanjana in her quest for Rahul so he can stay close to the necklace. Sanjana finds out about the necklace and coaxes Shekhar into helping her win back Rahul. However, over the course of their journey, he falls in love with her. Sanjana finds Rahul at a beach resort. She and Shekhar pretend to be in love to make Rahul jealous. It gets real for Sanjana and she starts falling for Shekhar. However, in spite of being jealous, Rahul soon proposes to his girlfriend. Sanjana doesn’t reveal her feelings to Shekhar thinking him to be indifferent towards her. Meanwhile, Sanjana visits Shekhar’s home where she meets his family and understands why Shekhar has been on the wrong path. The police catch up to Sanjana and she hands over the stolen necklace to them. She decides to convert all her money she saved in Paris into rupees to help Shekhar. She says she sold the necklace and gives Shekhar the money and decides to go back home. When Shekhar finds out what she has done, she is already on the airplane. Will Shekhar be able to proclaim his love before it’s too late?

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Studio: Baba Films
Distributed By: Video Sound (2000) (Canada) (theatrical), Video Sound (2000) (USA) (theatrical), Video Sound (2000) (Canada) (DVD), Video Sound (2000) (Canada) (VHS), Video Sound (2000) (USA) (DVD), Video Sound (2000) (USA) (VHS)

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