Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai (1998)

22 May 1998 | 164 minutes | Drama | Comedy | Family

Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai

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Sooraj is riding high about his engagement to Komal but is swiftly brought back to earth by the arrival of his illegitimate son, Kabir. He must now face the consequences of his past but risks losing Komal forever.



Sooraj (Salman Khan) has lived a lavish life wanting nothing. His days are an endless loop of women, alcohol and parties. He woos Komal (Twinkle Khanna) using his charming wiles but quickly falls truly in love with her. However Komal soon realises the truth about his past and breaks up with him. He follows Komal to Mumbai. Komal agrees to marry Sooraj on the condition that he set his life straight and give up all vices. Sooraj agrees and turns his life around and gets engaged to Komal. One day, he arrives home to find a small boy of ten waiting for him. Kabir (Aditya Narayan) claims to be his son. Paternity tests prove Kabir right. He even shows Sooraj a photograph of his mother. Sooraj brings Kabir into his house claiming him to be a friend’s son. Over time, he grows fond of Kabir, but Kabir resents Komal for replacing his mother. As his marriage nears, Sooraj plays with the idea of telling Komal the truth. On the day of the ceremony, Sooraj goes to Komal with Kabir and owns up to the truth. He apologises to her for his mistakes and requests her to accept Kabir as her son too. Komal’s family is furious and demand that Sooraj choose between Komal and Kabir. Will Sooraj choose his son or the love of his life?

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Studio: Tips Industries Limited
Distributed By: Tips Films Pvt. Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 11.5 Crores

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