Dil Se.. (1998)

21 August 1998 | 163 minutes | Drama | Music | Romance

Dil Se..

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Amar falls in love with Meghna completely unaware of her dark past and even darker, short-lived future. Will theirs be a star-crossed love affair or will Amar find a way to overcome their fate?



An AIR employee, Amar Varma (Shah Rukh Khan) travels to Northeast India to cover the festivities in the region. On his travels, he chances upon the same woman (Manisha Koirala), more than once. He attempts to talk to her but is ignored. The next time he chances upon her at the post office, he tries to get her to interact with him. To discourage his advances, she tells Amar that she is married. Consequently, two men arrive and beat him up. Undeterred, Amar follows the woman to Ladakh. She ignores him at first. Soon the military interrupts the festivities in search of a suicide bomber. When they are about to be questioned, the woman calls herself Meghna and beseeches Amar to pretend to be her husband and help her escape. Later, Amar demands answers from Meghna about her mysterious behaviour and gets aggressive with her. Meghna suffers a panic attack due to this. They halt for the night but the next day, Meghna has disappeared. Amar returns to Delhi to find that his parents have found him a woman to be married to, Preeti (Preity Zinta). Amar reluctantly agrees. Even in Delhi, Amar runs into Meghna again. She requests him to let her stay with him. Soon, the CBI comes banging on Amar’s door in search of Meghna. Amar fends them off but demands answers from Meghna. She reveals that she was a rape survivor of the Kunan Poshpora incident. The only action that will pacify her soul is being a suicide bomber for the President during the Republic day parade. She is a member of an extremist terrorist group that facilitates such attacks. Amar is arrested by the CBI for aiding a terrorist and sedated when he tries to explain his innocence. On Republic day, Meghna is getting ready for the parade. Amar wakes up to his helpless position. He somehow escapes custody and reaches the venue of the parade. He finds Meghna and confesses his ardent love for her and begs her to live for and with him. Meghna realises that she has fallen in love with him. Will Meghna be able to call off the mission or will she perish without herself a chance at happiness?

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Studio: Madras Talkies, India Talkies
Distributed By: Eros International (all media), Rapid Eye Movies (2005) (Germany) (DVD)

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