China Gate (1998)

27 November 1998 | 175 minutes | Action | Adventure | Drama

China Gate

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After the failure of Mission China Gate, Col. Krishnakant and his men have a chance to redeem themselves and set things straight.



Jageera (Mukesh Tiwari) is a guerrilla dacoit and in control of the Devdurg region and its surrounding forests. Sunder Rajan (Girish Karnad) is the forest officer in charge of Devdurg who is murdered by Jageera as a challenge and threat to the authorities. Sandhya was the witness to her father’s cruel and heartless slaughter. She decides to approach Col. Krishnakant (Om Puri) to secure his help in ending Jageera’s terror filled reign. But Col. Krishnakant has a history that Sandhya knows nothing about. He and his men were dishonourably discharged from the Indian Army after a mission called China Gate, failed. The colonel gathers the same men again for a shot at redemption. They gather resources and arms and make their way towards Devdurg. When they arrive, to their dismay, they find that Jageera has assumed control of the local police who confiscate their weapons and prevent them from acquiring anymore. However, this setback doesn’t dampen their spirits. They continue their stay at Devdurg and start fraternizing with the people. Soon after, the villagers start trusting the men much to Jageera’s displeasure. So, he decides to open the can of worms that is the story of Col. Krishnakant and his men’s detestable actions causing their discharge. After hearing the truth, will Sandhya and the villagers drive away the Team of soldiers or will they allow them their shot at redemption?

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Studio: Santoshi Productions
Distributed By: Digital Entertainment, Eros International

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