Bandhan (1998)

2 October 1998 | 154 minutes | Action | Romance | Drama


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It is up to Raju to salvage his sister’s marriage but in the process, he has to give up the person he cherishes the most, Jyoti.



Suraj Pratap (Jackie Shroff) is one of the wealthiest men in his village. He chances upon Pooja (Ashwini Bhave), a young, working class woman and is instantly smitten by her. He goes to her father and asks for her hand in marriage. Favouring an advantageous marriage, he agrees. Pooja and Suraj are married. Pooja’s brother Raju (Salman Khan) also goes to live with the couple in their spacious home. A few years down the line, there is no trace of the bliss that surrounded Pooja and Suraj in the early days of their marriage. The couple try hard to conceive but are unable to do so. Meanwhile, Raju and Suraj’s sister Jyoti (Rambha) are in love with each other. Suraj tries to find happiness outside his marriage. He meets Vaishali (Shweta Menon), a courtesan and is infatuated by her. He decides to abandon Pooja, banish Raju and forbid him from seeing Jyoti ever again. All attempts to placate Suraj are in vain. He decided to go ahead and marry Vaishali and asks Pooja to accept it or move out. Will Pooja be able to save her marriage and will Raju ever see Jyoti again?

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Distributed By: Eros International (all media)

Box Office

Net: Rs 11 Crores

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