Pardes (1997)

8 December 1997 | 191 minutes | Music | Romance | Action


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Ganga, a quintessential Indian woman is set to marry Rajiv, a spoilt NRI who belittles and looks down upon Indian culture. Enter Arjun, a respectful and compassionate man who is supposed to ensure that Ganga marries Rajiv despite his insufficiencies.



Kishorilal (AmrishPuri) and Suraj (Alok Nath) have been lifelong friends. Kishorilal moved to the USA to cultivate his business but always carried a piece of India in his heart. He convinces Suraj to arrange the marriage of his daughter Ganga (Mahima Chaudhary) with his son Rajiv. Arjun (Shah Rukh Khan), Kishorilal’s ward is sent to India a few days in advance to get things going. Arjun paints a pretty picture of Rajiv when in reality; Rajiv is a spoilt brat with no regard for Indian culture or values. However Arjun is convincing enough to get Ganga to agree to marry Rajiv. After the engagement, Ganga goes to the States with Rajiv where she realises the truth about Rajiv. His vices and blatant disregard for other people put her off him. She even finds out about his girlfriend, whom he still continues seeing despite being engaged to Ganga. Arjun is her only friend through this ordeal. Their growing fondness for each other is noticed by Kishorilal. He relocates Arjun to another city. He also orders Rajiv to take Ganga with him to his next party. Rajiv gets immensely drunk and after a heated argument with Ganga about her staunch Indian values tries to rape her. Ganga renders him unconscious and runs away. Arjun is the one to find her and take her back home to India. Taking Kishorilal’s word, Suraj threatens to kill Arjun for eloping with his daughter. Arjun clarifies the air and leaves. Ganga follows him and begs him to accept that he loves her and elope with him for real. Out of loyalty to Kishorilal, Arjun refuses. Suraj and Kishorilal send a few thugs to teach Arjun a lesson. Will Arjun clear the confusion before it’s too late and will he finally have a future with Ganga?

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Studio: Mukta Arts Ltd
Distributed By: Eros International

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