Koyla (1997)

7 April 1997 | 166 minutes | Drama | Action | Music


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Shankar is loyal to Raja for he thinks him to be his saviour. When the truth is revealed, Shankar burns with a fire for revenge for the atrocities Raja committed against him and his parents.



Raja (Amrish Puri) is an old and rich owner of a diamond mine. He rules over the town with his wealth and goons. He is besotted with Gauri (Madhuri Dixit), a young woman in the village and aspires to marry her. Knowing that she wouldn’t agree to marry him if she saw what he looked like, he sends a picture of his loyal but mute employee Shankar (Shah Rukh Khan). Gauri falls for his deception and agrees to marry Raja. Gauri is shocked to see Raja on the mandap of her marriage as groom and faints. Raja forcibly marries her anyway. Over the next few weeks, Raja subjects Gauri to public humiliation and attempts to consummate but she fights back every time. Gauri runs into Shankar in the house and accuses him for her misfortune unaware of his condition. When she finds out, she develops a friendship with him. Shankar and Gauri hatch a plan to run away. Although Raja finds out, they successfully escape. But Raja’s men eventually get to the two. Raja just about kills Shankar and leaves him to die and sells off Gauri to a brothel. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Shankar’s parents were killed by Raja’s men. They were the ones who discovered diamonds in the coal mine, not Raja. Shankar lost his vocal abilities due to trauma caused by a man he failed to see. Will Shankar survive the assault and save Gauri from a horrible fate and will he avenge his parents’ murder?

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Studio: Filmkraft Productions
Distributed By: Video Sound

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