Judwaa (1997)

7 February 1997 | 138 minutes | Comedy | Action | Drama


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Prem and Raja are twins separated at birth. Fate brings them together, two decades later with new difficulties and a potential for love.



Twins Prem and Raja (Salman Khan) are separated at birth. Prem lives with his mother and father, Mr and Mrs Malhotra in the USA. Mrs. Malhotra unable to bear the loss of a son takes ill and is confined to a wheelchair. Raja, on the other hand, lives in Mumbai and grows up among the company of other orphans. While Prem is a reserved, polite and sombre young man, Raja is loud, extroverted and precocious. Mr and Mrs Malhotra bring Prem to India to find him a suitable match for marriage. He is introduced to Mala (Karishma Kapoor), who happens to be in love with Raja. Prem meets Roopa (Rambha), who suits his calm disposition and falls in love with her. Over a series of events, Prem and Raja meet each other and are forced to exchange places with each other. Mala and Roopa are confused by the change in behaviour of their respective boyfriends. To add another twist to the story, Tiger Ratanlal (Mukesh Rishi) in on the prowl for Prem to exact revenge from the Malhotra’s for the injustice his father suffered due to them. It is now upto Prem and Raja to set things straight in their love lives, evade Tiger and reunite their broken family.

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Studio: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 15 Crores

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