Jeet (1996)

23 August 1996 | 180 minutes | Drama | Action | Romance


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Karan has a chance to win back Kajal after she separated from him to marry Rajeev. Will he embrace the path of evil to be reunited with her? Or will he do the noble thing and back away?



Karan (Sunny Deol) is a small time goon working for criminal mastermind Gajraj (Amrish Puri). He is intensely infatuated by Kajal (Karishma Kapoor). His roadside Romeo antics irritate Kajal in the beginning, but she soon finds out that Karan is a nice guy and returns his feelings. She implores Karan to abandon the world of crime to which Karan agrees. Kajal’s father Prof. Sharma (Alok Nath), meanwhile, has found her a prospective groom in the form of Rajeev (Salman Khan). He is an NRI and has agreed to marry her. Kajal finds him agreeable as well and decides to conform to her father’s wishes and breaks up with Karan in favour of Rajeev. Distraught and heartbroken, Karan begins to find solace in alcohol and Tulsibai (Tabu), a prostitute. Soon, Rajeev finds out that his father is partners with Gajraj and together they run a crime syndicate with activities ranging from kidnapping to drug trafficking. He tries to find loopholes and whistle blowers to lay their organisation in the open. Gajraj soon finds out about it and turns to his trusted accomplice Karan to eliminate the threat Rajeev poses. But Karan faces a dilemma when he finds out that Rajeev is Kajal’s husband. Does he kill Rajeev to be reunited with Kajal? Or does he do the right thing and step away?

Company Credits

Studio: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distributed By: B4U Entertainment (2005) (Canada) (TV)

Box Office

Net: Rs 17.25 Crores

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