Fareb (1996)

28 June 1996 | 139 minutes | Action | Crime | Drama


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Inspector Inder is consumed by lust for Dr. Rohan Verma’s wife, Suman. His untamed psychopathy will cross all limits to satiate his thirst. It is up to Rohan to protect his wife and bring an end to Inder’s tyranny.



Dr. Rohan Verma (Faraaz Khan) and his wife Suman (Suman Ranganathan), a school teacher relocate to Mumbai. One evening, they are woken by a noise which is a burglar ransacking their house. Rohan attempts to nab him but he escapes. Inspector Inder (Milind Gunaji) and Inspector Sule (Vishwajeet Pradhan) are assigned this case. A peon in Suman’s school tries to frame her in a drug scandal. Suman is arrested but Inder tells her to go home saying the charges are dropped. The peon is later found to be dead. Inder invites Rohan for a night out. He takes Rohan to a bad part of town and takes him to a house. Rohan is shocked to find that the burglar lives there. Inder instructs Rohan to exact his revenge on the thief with no fear of the law. Upon hearing Rohan’s refusal, Inder shoots the burglar point blank. Traumatised by the scene unfolding before him, Rohan flees and warns Suman against Inder’s psychopathic tendencies. It is revealed that Inder is trying to seduce Suman. He invites her out for a meal and tries to gain her trust by providing a listening ear to her marital woes. He hires a prostitute to imitate Suman and abuses her when she fails. A few days later, Inder tries to break into Rohan’s house only to find Rohan and Suman in an intimate position. Enraged by this intrusion, Rohan complains to the ACP about Inder’s misbehaviour. As revenge, Inder gets Rohan falsely convicted in a drug case. Rohan is arrested. Suman, who is now on her own, must escape the ruthless Inder. Will she succeed in avoiding Inder?

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Studio: Vishesh Films

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