Veergati (1995)

29 September 1995 | 165 minutes | Action


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Two boys grow up under the same roof but are diametrically opposite. When duty calls, will the wayward one look after the other or will they fall prey to the evil?



A helpless baby boy is found abandoned in the streets of Kamathipura by a Havaldar (Kulbhushan Kharbanda). He decides to adopt it and names him Ajay (Salman Khan). In a nearby brothel, a prostitute gives birth to another boy and names him Shlok (Atul Agnihotri). Both boys grow up together under the watchful eyes of Havaldar and become inseparable. Shlok is an intelligent boy and does well in school. Ajay, on the other hand, falls prey to gambling and other vices. The havaldar tries to get Ajay many jobs but they are all abandoned. Shlok falls in love with Pooja (Pooja Dadwal), a girl from a well-to-do family. However Ajay doesn’t believe in love and chastises Shlok for his affections. Shlok studies hard and earns an MBA while Ajay scores a brilliant stroke of luck and wins a huge amount of money while gambling and decides to help Shlok with his business project. Meanwhile, Ekka Seth (Akhilendra Mishra) is terrorising the women in the red light district and is exploiting them sexually as he pleases. One of his victims is the Havaldar’s daughter. Ekka Seth abducts, rapes and kills her. Ajay is enraged on hearing this and goes to avenge the death of his foster sister. He fights Ekka Seth tooth and nail and eventually kills him but not without fatal wounds to himself. Will Ajay survive the fight or will he succumb to the injuries while trying to save his brother?

Company Credits

Studio: Bombino Video Pvt. Ltd.

Box Office

Net: Rs 6.2 Crores

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