Sabse Bada Khiladi (1995)

9 June 1995 | 140 minutes | Action


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It is up to Inspector Vijay Kumar to bring Amar Singh and his son Amit to justice for the heinous crimes they committed against Vijay’s family. Surrounded by a sneaky conspiracy, will Amar Singh see through Vijay’s tactics or will Vijay emerge as the biggest player of them all?



Lallu (Akshay Kumar) is an orphan in the service of Jamna Das (Avtar Gill), a wealthy businessman. Lallu impresses him with his loyal and dutiful nature. Before his death, Jamna Das creates a will that says that his daughter Sunita (Mamta Kulkarni) will inherit his estate only if she marries Lallu. Helpless, Sunita marries Lallu but hatches a plan with her boyfriend, Amit (Mohnish Bahl) to kill Lallu by poisoning him and take charge of her father’s wealth. This case is assigned to Inspector Vijay Kumar (Akshay Kumar). He holds a grudge against Amit’s father Amar Singh (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) who was responsible for the death of Vijay’s twin brother when they were young. Vijay appears in court as Lallu and manages to get Amit to admit the truth. It is revealed that Jamna Das and Sunita were in on it the whole time. Amit is incarcerated. Amar Singh arrives to meet his son in jail with a henchman. They cause a commotion at the scene and in the confusion; make Amit exchange clothes with the goon. Amit escapes and Amar Singh lights the cell on fire causing the other guy to burn. Amar Singh then accuses Vijay of murdering his son. Will Vijay be able to prove his innocence and what happens to the innocent Lallu?

Company Credits

Studio: D.M.S. Films
Distributed By: Eros Entertainment (1998) (USA) (DVD), Time Magnetics (1995) (India) (video)

Box Office

Net: Rs 9.5 Crores

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