Ram Jaane (1995)

29 November 1995 | 160 minutes | Action | Crime


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Ram Jaane is an orphan always wronged and ridiculed by the people around him. So, he takes to unethical ways to take what is rightfully his. However when it comes to the lives of the people he loves, Ram Jaane will fight until his last breath.



An orphan visits the temple after being severely harassed by other children. To the priest of the temple he asks what his name is. Not knowing his real name, the priest replies “Ram Jaane”. The orphan decides to call himself Ram Jaane. As a boy, Inspector Chewte (Puneet Issar) arrests Ram Jaane and his friend Murli (vivek Mashran) for petty theft. He is beaten and then released without charges. As a grown up, Ram Jaane (Shah Rukh Khan)works for Sameer Sanvla (Tinnu Anand). Sanvla is killed by Chewte. To avenge his murder, Ram Jaane accosts Chewte but is captured and thrown into jail. Murli bails him out and takes him to a reformatory home Apna Ghar to convince him out of his illegal ways. There he meets Bela (Juhi Chawla), a girl he loves. Chewte learns that Ram Jaane is living in Apna Ghar and arrives to capture him once again. He beats up another resident to provoke Ram Jaane into showing himself. Murli and the other residents attack Chewte and in the process, one of the youngsters is killed. Ram Jaane is blamed for his death. He decides to leave Apna Ghar and beseeches Bela to go with him. Bela refuses since she is in love with Murli, not Ram Jaane. Ram Jaane leaves Apna Ghar but is forced to return when he learns that Chewte has plans to pillage Apna Ghar soon. Will Raam Jaane be able to save his loved ones or will it be too late when he returns?

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Studio: Eagle Films, United Producers
Distributed By: Digital Entertainment

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