Raja (1995)

22 June 1995 | 168 minutes | Drama | Comedy | Romance


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Raja and Madhu are destined for each other, However Madhu’s brother Rana is against this union. He concocts a heinous treachery to separate the lovers and bend everyone to his will.



Brijnath (Paresh Rawal) and Rana Garewal (Mukesh Khanna) are friends and both are very successful businessmen. To turn their professional relationship into a personal one, they decide to arrange Rana’s sister Madhu’s (Madhuri Dixit) marriage to Brijnath’s brother Raja (Sanjay Kapoor). However misfortune befalls Brijnath as he loses all his wealth in a factory fire. Now reduced to poverty, Rana breaks off the engagement as well. Brijnath is affected mentally by the misfortune, leaving Raja to fend for himself and his brother. Many years down the line, Madhu and Raja meet and fall in love anyway. Rana is angered and decides to humiliate as well as eliminate Raja. He hires a man to be disguised as Brijnath. Madhu is sleeping in her room, as a man breaks into her room and attempts to rape her. In the dim light of her room, she believes it to be Brijnath. She screams to rouse the household but the man escapes. Upon hearing Madhu’s accusations, Rana has Brijnath admitted to a mental hospital. Raja is torn between the love of his life and his brother. He refuses to believe that Brijnath could commit such an act but he doesn’t want to belittle Madhu’s fears either. He decides to leave Madhu and break up with her and decides to investigate the truth. Raja nabs the man Rana hired and forces the truth out of him. However Raja meets with an accident and is gravely injured. Madhu, on the other hand realises the truth from Rana’s wife. Feeling betrayed and violated by her brothers, she decides to return to Raja. Will the two be united or do they have more misfortune to face before they finally end up together?

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Studio: Maruti International

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