Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India (1995)

11 August 1995 | 155 minutes | Music

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The film is a satire of the conventional Bollywood practices and attempts to recreate parodies of commonly used storylines.



Don Quixote (Amrish Puri) has devised a plan to sell India to the highest bidder. To do this, Don decides to kidnap the President and plant a fake one in his stead who will agree to sell the country. Hero (Shah Rukh Khan) and Miss India (Deepa Sahi) meet each other while partying the night away. They take an instant liking to each other and decide to spend the rest of the evening together. Don Quixote’s son Prince (Javed Jaffrey) has had his eye on Miss India for a while. She rejects his advances constantly. Prince lets his father’s plan slip to Hero and Miss India. Now it is up to them to save the nation. Will they succeed or will they lose the nation?

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Studio: Ketan Mehta Films
Distributed By: B4U Entertainment

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