Karan Arjun (1995)

13 January 1995 | 175 minutes | Action | Comedy

Karan Arjun

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Karan and Arjun were murdered by Durjan Singh to satiate his greed of wealth and power. However, unbeknownst to him, they are reborn as Ajay and Vijay. Now it is up to them to punish Durjan for his sins and take back what’s rightfully theirs.



Karan (Salman Khan) and Arjun (Shah Rukh Khan) and their widowed mother Durga (Rakhee) make a meagre living working in the quarries. Their father was killed by Durjan Singh (Amrish Puri) to prevent him from inheriting his father, the Thakur’s massive estate. When Karan and Arjun both come of age to rightfully inherit their grandfather’s wealth, Durjan Singh murders both of them at the quarry as Durga helplessly watches. She mourns her loss at the Goddess Kali’s temple unknown of the fact that both her sons are being miraculously reincarnated in different families. Karan is reborn as Ajay and Arjun as Vijay. Ajay works for Durjan’s business partner Saxena (Ranjeet) and Vijay is in love with Saxena’s daughter, Sonia (Kajol). At Sonia’s engagement party to Durjan’s son Suraj (Aashif Sheikh), Ajay and Vijay face each other for the first time. Ajay is thrown into jail for causing a ruckus. Vijay escapes but feels confused about having known Ajay before. To rescue Sonia, who has been forcibly taken to Durjan’s home to be married, Vijay follows her unaware that he is going back home. At the quarry, his memories make him realise that he is Arjun and is reunited with Durga. He goes back to find Ajay and brings him along to avenge their murder and their mother’s humiliation. Will the two brothers manage to avenge the wrongs done against them and their mother?

Company Credits

Studio: Filmkraft Productions
Distributed By: Digital Entertainment (DEI) (1998) (USA) (DVD), Eros Entertainment (1998) (USA) (DVD), Rapid Eye Movies (2011) (Germany) (DVD)

Box Office

Net: Rs 32.15 Crores

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