Guddu (1995)

31 July 1995 | 160 minutes | Drama


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Guddu and Salina are engaged to be married but their love is tested when a car accident takes away Salina’s sight and Guddu is diagnosed with brain tumour. Can their belief in God carry them through their tough times?



Guddu (Shah Rukh Khan) is the only son of a devoutly religious mother and an atheist father. He is engaged to be married to Salina (Manisha Koirala). On a fateful day, Guddu is driving himself and Salina and they meet with a car accident. Consequently, Salina loses her eyesight. Salina’s parents consider it to be Guddu’s fault and break off the engagement. Guddu blames himself as well and is regretful. Salina knows that the accident was not Guddu’s doing but decides to stay away from Guddu so that he can find love again with someone else. To top it all off, he also learns that he has brain tumour and barely any time left to live. To ensure that he can make the most of his death, Guddu decides to donate his eyes so Salina can once again see for herself. His dad vehemently opposes this decision. Guddu is adamant and this causes his father to develop health issues. He is admitted to the hospital. Crushed by her son’s approaching death and her husband’s possibly fatal illness, Guddu’s mother decides to hold a fast for the well-being of her family. She devotes herself to worshipping the gods without ingesting water until her family is rid if all problems. Her prayers are answered when Guddu’s treatments are successful and his father also recovers from his ailments. However ironically, Guddu’s mother passes away due to undernourishment right at the feet of the Gods. Will Guddu and Salina find love again or will they unite?

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Studio: Veetrag Film Legends
Distributed By: Eros International

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