Mohra (1994)

1 July 1994 | 177 minutes | Action | Drama | Thriller


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Vishal thought he understood every move he was making in the game Jindal and he were playing, however in reality, he, along with Amar were simply pawns in a bigger conspiracy.



Vishal (Sunil Shetty) is sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering the four men that were responsible for raping his sister and driving his wife to suicide. Mr. Jindal (Naseeruddin Shah), a blind vigilante entrepreneur decides to hire Vishal as a hitman and uses the tragedies in his past as a driving force to kill the criminals that he believes are detrimental to the society. Vishal resists at first, but soon accepts the job. Jibran (Raza Murad) and Tyson (Gulshan Grover), two major drug peddlers are at the top of Jindal’s black list. Inspector Amar Saxena (Akshay Kumar) is particularly vexed with Vishal’s killing spree. He prefers living by the law and letting the court decide how to punish the criminals that Jindal and Vishal are murdering. Meanwhile, Jindal and Vishal get into an ethical argument and in a physical altercation, Vishal realises that Jindal is not blind, however was simply pretending to be. Jindal reveals that he was responsible for the murder of Amar’s father. He adopted the pretence of being blind to manipulate evidence and escape punishment. Jibran and Tyson were his rivals and he wanted to eliminate them to gain complete dominance of the underworld. However now, Jindal and Jibran have teamed up and are out to rule the city as they please. Amar and Vishal now have to unite forces as well to take down the tyranny of Jindal and Jibran and avenge their families and the crimes they committed against them.

Company Credits

Studio: Trimurti Films Pvt Ltd

Box Office

Net: Rs 11.4 Crores

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