Krantiveer (1994)

22 July 1994 | 159 minutes | Action | Drama | Romance

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Pratap runs away from alcoholism and gambling and comes to Mumbai, but only to find corruption and conspiracies awaiting him. Tired of running away, this time he decides to fight.



Pratap (Nana Patekar) is driven away from his hometown thanks to his excessively destructive habits of alcohol abuse and gambling. Even his mother refuses to stand by his side. So, Pratap comes to Mumbai. He is homeless and jobless but luck smiles on him when he saves a little boy called Atul (Atul Agnihotri). This boy’s father, Laxminath (Paresh Rawal), is a landlord and to express gratitude, invites Pratap to stay with him and his family. A decade later, Pratap is doing well in Mumbai. Atul is all grown up and romantically pursuing Mamta (Mamta Kulkarni), the daughter of a wealthy builder, Yograj (Tinnu Anand). Pratap has become well-versed with life and Mumbai and learnt that every man needs to stand up for himself and not rely on or wait for any help. Pratap also befriends Megha (Dimple Kapadia), a woman living in the same chawl but doesn’t agree with her socialist behaviour and principles. Yograj and his partner Chita (Danny Denzongpa) use unfair and brutal means to acquire land for their next construction contract. In this process, Laxminath succumbs to injuries caused in a clearing riot. Mamta finds out about the methods her father uses to clear land and his involvement in Laxminath’s murder. She decides to disown her father and comes to Atul. Pratap learns the truth from Mamta. Also, Megha’s past comes to light. Lit by a fire for revenge, Pratap decides to confront Yograj and Chita for their wrongdoings and punish them to preserve the relevance of justice.

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Studio: Mehul Movies

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