Damini - Lightning (1993)

30 April 1993 | 175 minutes | Drama | Crime

Damini - Lightning

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Shekhar and Damini live the classic love story. They meet, fall in love and get married without any hurdles. What they don’t know is that hardships are just around the corner.



Damini (Meenakshi Sheshadri) marries the man she loves, Shekhar (Rishi Kapoor) and moves into his home. Shekhar’s family includes his parents and brother, Rakesh (Ashwin Kaushal). All is well for a while with the newly-weds. Damini begins to get used to her new life but one day she discovers something shocking. She chances upon Rakesh raping the house maid. She rushes to tell Shekhar and stop Rakesh, but they are too late. Damini wants to report this incident to the police but her parents-in-laws want her to keep it quiet and prevent the family from being socially and publically shamed. Damini listens to her conscience and goes against her family’s wishes. She involves the police and a case is lodged against Rakesh and his parents. When she is summoned to testify in court, the opposing lawyer proves her to be mentally unreliable and her confession isn’t accepted. The court assigns her to a mental facility for treatment, but she escapes unable to bear the torture inflicted on her purposefully to render her a mental invalid. Meanwhile, the mystery deepens with the victim’s death in the hospital. Her only allies are Shekhar and Govind (Sunny Deol), a lawyer who has been fired from his practise but is determined to help Damini and bring Rakesh and his parents to justice.

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Studio: Cineyug Presentation

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