Baazigar (1993)

12 November 1993 | 175 minutes | Thriller | Crime | Drama


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Ajay has grown up with a singular goal – destroying the man who destroyed his family. He has not one, but two opportunities to achieve his objective, the two daughters of his enemy and he plans to use them to the fullest.



Sharma (Anant Mahadevan) reports the illegal and money-pilfering activities of his right hand man, Chopra (DalipTahil) to the police. He is arrested and convicted. After serving his term, Chopra returns to Sharma and begs for forgiveness. Sharma’s wife Shobha (Rakhee) takes pity on Chopra and his two daughters and convinces her husband to re-hire him thinking him to have learnt his lesson. However Chopra seizes the opportunity when he finds one and takes over Sharma’s entire business. Sharma dies of depression, leaving Shobha and his son, Ajay destitute. When Ajay (Shahrukh Khan) is all grown up, he decides to avenge the injustice inflicted on his father. As Ajay, he makes Seema (Shilpa Shetty), Chopra’s daughter fall in love with him. He also assumes another identity, Vicky to impress Priya (Kajol), Chopra’s other daughter and Chopra as well. Ajay convinces Seema to run away with him and pushes her off a tower. He even successfully stages her murder as a suicide. Priya doesn’t believe her sister to be capable of suicide and investigates further. But every time she approaches a witness or proof, Ajay eliminates it. He even manages to convince Chopra to hand over his entire business empire to Vicky, thus completing the circle. With the help of the real Vicky, Priya finally figures out Ajay’s deceptions and informs her father. Chopra and his army of goons invade Ajay’s house and beat him up. Priya wants Ajay to justify his actions. Her father’s conspiracies are revealed and Priya begins to sympathise with Ajay. With the truth out in the open, Ajay now has to battle for his life and undo the damage done to his family decades ago.

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