Sanam Bewafa (1991)

11 January 1991 | 160 minutes | Drama | Romance | Music

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An attempt is made to dissolve a feud that has lasted decades between two families. But is this a real reconciliation or another chance to pick fights?



Sher Khan (Danny Denzongpa) and Fateh Khan (Pran) have been at loggerheads with each other for years. The enmity between the two families causes loss of lives and finances but to no avail. As fate would have it, Sher Khan’s son Salman (Salman Khan), falls in love with Fateh Khan’s daughter Rukhsar (Chandni). While Fateh Khan is frothing at the mouth to learn of this relationship, Sher Khan is gleeful at this turn of events. After significant negotiation and convincement, Fateh Khan agrees to the marriage. All the preparations are made. However, on the D-day, Fateh Khan demands an obscene amount as Haq-Mehr from Sher Khan. Reeling from the shock, and to avoid embarrassment, Sher Khan pays him the desired amount. However he plots his own revenge. The following morning, after the wedding, Sher Khan throws Rukhsar out of his house as payback for Fateh Khan’s actions. She returns to her home, desolate and weeping. A vicious battle ensues between the two families, leading to loss of lives and innocent victims. However none is willing to back down until Rukhsar and Salman deliver a shock that makes everyone stop short in their tracks.

Company Credits

Studio: Saawan Kumar Productions
Distributed By: Digital Entertainment

Box Office

Net: Rs 5.75 Crores

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