Sadak (1991)

3 December 1991 | 134 minutes | Romance | Drama


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Ravi is in love with Pooja, a prostitute. As if their love wasn’t forbidden enough, the brothel’s owner Maharani, isn’t willing to lose one of her girls to a taxi driver when she could be raking in money for her services.


Maharani (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), an eunuch, runs a brothel where Pooja (Pooja Bhatt) and Chanda (Neelima Azeem) work as sex-workers. Ravi (Sanjay Dutt) and his friend Gotya (Deepak Tijori) are in love with Pooja and Chanda respectively. Ravi’s sister killed herself after she was sold off to a brothel by her lover who convinced her to elope with him under the pretext of marrying her. Her suicide haunts Ravi constantly. During his duty as a taxi driver, Ravi befriends Inspector Irani (Pankaj Dheer). Ravi’s relationship with Pooja is discovered by Maharani. In an attempt to rescue Pooja, Ravi stabs Mahrani, grabs Pooja and runs away. Even Gotya and Chanda accompany them. Gotya marries Chanda in a temple with Ravi and Pooja as witnesses. Ravi’s informants tell him that Maharani’s men are looking for them. Ravi asks Inspector Irani for help. Irani asks them to meet him at a specified place. When Ravi and Pooja reach, Mahrani’s goons are waiting for them. Somehow, Ravi and Pooja elude these men and use Irani’s police van to escape. Ravi swears revenge against Irani’s treachery. Maharani eventually gets to them and captures Pooja. Ravi is tortured and beaten up, left for dead. His sister’s life flashes past his eyes again. Refusing to abandon Pooja to the same fate, Ravi gathers his energy and courage and goes towards the brothel to rescue Pooja or die trying.

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Studio: Vishesh Films

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