Saajan (1991)

30 August 1991 | 181 minutes | Drama | Romance | Music


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Aman has always felt a sense of gratitude and debt towards Akash, his foster brother for being adopted into his family. But will he give up the love of his life for the infatuations of his brother?



Aman (Sanjay Dutt) is a handicapped orphan but with a soft and noble heart. Akash Verma (Salman Khan), on the other hand is a brat and never takes anything seriously, be it his career or women. Akash’s parents adopted Aman when he was young and the two boys grow up together with affection not an ounce lesser than blood brothers. Aman is a closet poet and publishes his poems under a pseudonym, Sagar. His poems are very well received by the masses. He regularly corresponds with a woman named Pooja (Madhuri Dixit) who is an avid admirer of his poems. Akash meets Pooja and develops a crush on her. Aman acquiesces and lets Akash pretend to be Sagar to impress Pooja. Akash and Pooja fall in love, while Aman silently pines for Pooja. Through a spectacular turn of events, Akash realises that Aman is Sagar and that he is in love with Pooja. He confronts Aman and Aman spills the beans about his poetry and his love for Pooja. Pooja overhears this exchange and is mad at both Akash and Aman. She will be forced to choose between a man with a broken leg but a large, full heart; and a charmer with who makes her smile.

Company Credits

Studio: Divya Films International
Distributed By: Eros International

Box Office

Net: Rs 10 Crores

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