Hum (1991)

23 January 1991 | 184 minutes | Action | Crime | Drama

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Tiger becomes Shekhar and leaves behind a life of loss and deceit. But his past is back to haunt him and punish his loved ones for vengeance.



Tiger (Amitabh Bachchan) is an employee of Bakhtawar (Danny Denzongpa). He is the union leader of the workers on a dock in Mumbai. Bakhtawar exploits his employees and doesn’t pay them judiciously. Bakhtawar kills one of Tiger’s friends and his parents as an act of punishment. Tiger sets out to take revenge. However Inspector Girdhar (Anupam Kher) stops him since he has his own agenda. He blames the death of Bakhtawar’s family on Tiger, arrests Bakhtawar and sets fire to the train that he thought Tiger was travelling in. In reality though, Tiger escapes and moves away to create a new life for himself and his brothers. A few years later, Tiger is now living as Shekhar Malhotra, a farmer with his younger brothers Kumar (Rajnikanth) and Vijay (Govinda). Soon, Bakhtawar is released from prison and he has sworn to make Tiger pay for his family’s murder. He kidnaps Kumar and Vijay’s wives to lure Tiger to Mumbai. Girdhar finds out that Tiger is still alive. Shekhar goes to Bakhtawar to rescue his sisters-in-law. He tries to convince Bakhtawar of the truth but to no avail. Soon, Girdhar arrives and backs Shakhar’s claims. Shekhar is now surrounded by Bakhtawar and Girdhar’s men. It is now up to the three brothers to save the women and ensure that justice is meted out to Bakhtawar and Girdhar.

Company Credits

Studio: Romesh Films
Distributed By: Dharma Productions

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