Hathyar (1989)

10 March 1989 | 180 minutes | Action | Crime

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In hope of a better life Avinash and his family moves to Bombay, but barely earn a nickel. Distraught, his father commits suicide, which distresses Avinash and pushes him to world of abomination.



Avinash (Sanjay Dutt) is the only son to his poor parents. Unable to cope in their village, they move to the city of Bombay in search of better work. Months pass by and the family still go to sleep having a glass of water, until the sole breadwinner of the family commits suicide. Avinash, now with one less member to feed, deeply explores the city to find a job. Dismissed by most men, he takes the easy way in - stealing. Incited by his degenerate mates at the ghetto, Avinash continues to steal and pilfer in order to bring food to the table. This causes him to join the gang of underworld don Khushal Khan (Dharmendra). Everything goes fine as far as Avinash doesn't cross the line. Although, one day, he does cross it by killing one of his victims.

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