Chandni (1989)

14 September 1989 | 186 minutes | Drama | Music | Romance

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A woman is reprimanded by the family of her boyfriend who blame her for his accident which has rendered him handicapped.



Rohit (Rishi Kapoor), a young man from a very rich family, meets and instantly falls in love with the high-spirited doll of a woman named Chandni (Sridevi). Immensely impressed by her independence and looks, Rohit courts her for months before she finally accepts his request for a date. Convinced that she is in love with him, Rohit starts splurging on his future wife. One such episode of over-exhibition of his father's wealth involves him showering rose petals on Chandni from a helicopter. However, the romantic stunt turns greatly awry as Rohit falls off the copter and sustains serious injuries. Now forever paralyzed on his right side, everyone in his family, including Rohit himself, blame Chandni for his current physical state. She blames herself for falling in love with a reckless guy like Rohit, and tries to erase the whole event by moving to Bombay. Will Chandni ever be able to forget Rohit, whom she loved from the bottom of her heart?

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Studio: Yash Raj Films
Distributed By: Yashish Enterprises

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