Kabzaa (1988)

20 May 1988 | 143 minutes | Action | Thriller


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A young man silently tries to disrupt the criminal operations of his brother's employer.



Ravi Verma (Sanjay Dutt) is a young man who lives with his elder brother Ranjit Verma (Raj Babbar). Ranjit, a lawyer practicing with Veljibhai Soda (Paresh Rawal), has been looking after his younger brother ever since their parents died in a car crash. Ranjit has no idea that his boss is a dire extortionist whose main job is to acquire land from poor people. One of his victims is a freedom fighter Ustad Ali Mohammed (Alok Nath) who owns a land in the center of the city. Soda wants to stop Mohammed from building a children's park there and instead wants it in his name so that he can honor the promise that he made to one of his builder associates. Believing him to be a naive, young boy, Soda sends Ravi to talk to Mohammed about the land issue. When Ravi returns with empty hands, Soda sends his men and has the freedom fighter killed in cold blood. However, Mohammed had carefully handed over the ownership to Ravi in anticipation of an attack, and Soda doesn’t have a clue about it.

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