Commando (1988)

3 June 1988 | 149 minutes | Action | Drama | Romance


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A young soldier teams up with his girlfriend and few friends to blow the whistle on his corrupt seniors and their clandestine business with international mobsters.



Chander (Mithun Chakraborty) is a young man who follows his father's words and enlists in the army. Consequently, he joins the Indian Commando Force, which specializes in carrying out calculated and surgical raids inside enemy territories. Since the death of his father who was a soldier himself, Chander has had the passion to serve his country. However, after he joins the Commando force, he realizes that the corps is riddled with corrupt officers. He even tries to expose his boss Mirza's (Shakti Kapoor) relations with international criminal don Marcelloni (Amrish Puri), but is reprimanded by his immediate seniors who he knows are all part of the circus. It is when he meets with the owner of the arms depot, Kailashpuri Malhotra (Om Shivpuri) that his rebellion finally gains some traction. Although Malhotra turns his back on Chander, he promises to support him with all his might if and only if he can bring evidence.

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