Biwi Ho To Aisi (1988)

26 August 1988 | 149 minutes

Biwi Ho To Aisi

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A young man goes against his high-handed mother and marries his girlfriend who is from a poor family.



Suraj Bhandari (Farooq Shaikh) is the well-mannered, elder son of Kailash (Kader Khan) and his domineering wife Kamla (Bindu). Kamla wants Suraj to get married into a good, well-to-do family, and is thus, against Suraj's decision of marrying his sweetheart of a girlfriend Shalu (Rekha); a move which she thinks is plain hedonistic. Suraj disregards his mother's woes of Shalu not being from an affluent family. He marries her in a private ceremony, brings her home to his mother's wrath and his father and brother-in-law Vicky's (Salman Khan) cheeriness. Days go by and Shalu slowly starts perceiving her mother-in-law's hatred towards her. She tries to win Kamla's heart by being a good daughter-in-law, but all her actions are ignored. The henpecked Kailash and powerless Vicky look on helplessly as Kamla continues to shower atrocities on Shalu, until one day when she hits back with all her might.

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Net: Rs 1.3 Crores

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