Marte Dam Tak (1987)

17 July 1987


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A police inspector investigating a gangster’s illegal activities is framed for murder and consequently sentenced.



Rane (Raaj Kumar) is an honest police officer who abides by work ethics while investigating criminal cases. Being in the service for more than five years now, he is pretty confident about his ability to nab known criminal and notorious gangster P C Mathur (Sudhir Dalvi). However, before Rane can plant his trap around Mathur, he finds himself behind bars; accused of killing a person he never met in his life. Clearly, it was Mathur who was one step ahead of Rane's game. On Mathur’s influence, the court judge sentences Rane to seven years in jail. After serving his tenure in the same jail where most of his prisoners were inducted, Rane walks out. However, he is not the same old policeman that he used to be, but is a dreaded don now who goes by the name Rana.

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